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The house was built at the beginning of the 19th century, and was inhabited by the grandparents of Pietro. The house is our founding home, since the idea for amavido was born here.

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Longobardi is located between Vibo Valentia and Vibo Marina, at the Gulf of Lamezia. It is only five minutes drive from the sea, and it is the village, were the father of the founders Marie-Janet and Dominik was born, as well as the idea for amavido.


Pietro is indeed the owner, but since he lives in Germany, our cousin Mimmo will pick you up. He has lived in the village since his childhood, and is very familiar with the surroundings. He is looking forward to show you his Calabria.

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Casa di Pietro Longobardi, Calabria
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The house "Casa di Pietro" was built in 1910 by Pietro's grandparents. They lived there for a while, with Pietro's grandfather working in America, where his family lived. Later, near Porto Salvo, they bought a house and land, which they used for farming. As retirees, they moved back to their home in the village. After the death of my grandparents, the house was rented out. In 2008, Pietro's brother Pino renovated the house from the bottom up. The house "Casa di Pietro" is located in one of the small streets of the village - it’s reachable by car, but only for the courageous. There is alternative parking available in the nearby "Piazza". There are two floors, with a nice dining room, cozy kitchen with sea view, two bathrooms, a quiet bedroom, and a "poetic corner" where you can be inspired by the sea - and when the weather is clear, you can see the volcano Stromboli smoking. But be aware: No smoking in the house :) You can book the house starting from 2 days of stay.


Pietro, the father of the founders Marie-Janet and Dominik, was born in Longobardi, and so was the idea of amavido. As a child, Pietro played marbles and football in the streets with his siblings and many friends in summer, and in winter, especially during the Christmas season, they held lively hazelnut throwing competitions. On the "piazza", they experienced wild west movies in the open air cinema. The mornings are still like his childhood, people are awakened by church bells, the roosters’ cock-a-doodle-do, and the barking of the dogs. In the evening, the chirping of the crickets accompanies you into the night. Longobardi is not far from the airport Lamezia Terme (about 30 min), which is served by different airlines directly from Germany. There are many excursion destinations near Longobardi: Vibo Marina is a short drive away, and offers many cafes, a picturesque harbor, and a well-kept beach. Next to a historic old town, Pizzo offers the best Tartufo in Italy. Vibo Valentia is located north of Longobardis, and is a lively provincial capital with a Norman-Staufer castle and a Greco-Roman museum. Beautiful beach areas such as Sant 'Irene and Briatico are nearby, Tropea is reached in about 20 minutes, and boasts beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and a beautiful old town with a cathedral, as well as a church monastery on a tuff rock. The famous beach area of Capo Vaticano is located near Tropea. If you want to experience freshness, nature, and culture, you should head to Serra San Bruno (about 45 min drive), where you find a monastery, picnic areas, and extensive forest and hiking areas. The founder of the monastery was Saint Bruno from Cologne.

Domenico Host

Hello, my name is Mimmo, which is an abbreviation for Domenico. I am the cousin of Marie-Janet and Dominik, in my early thirties, and have spent my whole life here in Longobardi and the surrounding area. I am very happy to show you everything, the beautiful beaches, the landscape or you take on a walk over my father’s estate. For example, we can do smaller chores together, observe the different animals (rabbits, chickens, and cats), and then prepare a picnic with local products.